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  • Sleep like a baby

  • Helps your baby sleep better, safer & more comfortably

Sleep like a baby

Helps your baby sleep better, safer & more comfortably KOALA BABY HAMMOCK

Welcome to Amazonas Baby World UK

We're fascinated by hammocks and our range of amazing baby products are focused on giving your baby a safer, more comfortable and deeper nights rest. A rested baby is a happy baby, which makes for much happier parents for that matter. Check out our amazing range of award winning and 'Royally Appointed' baby products...

Sleep Better

Our range of baby products help your baby sleep better which means a happier baby and happier parents!



We put safety first which is why all of our products are independently tested conforming to GS & TUV Safety marks.


Healthier Baby

Our hammocks support your babies natural spinal curve whilst swaying promotes a sense of balance and calmness.


Happy Parents 🟊🟊🟊🟊🟊

Our daughter was not a very good sleeper and used to sleep for only 30 minutes during the day, however, this hammock did the trick, and she would sleep in it for hours. She is now one year old but still loves sleeping in it. 

M Younas

My son absolutely loves it! And it also helps with his mild reflux as he isn't flat on his back; and the rocking motion sends him to sleep almost immediately!


I absolutely love this hammock and my baby loves it too. Now it's been in daily use for a year and it hasn't changed a bit, still works and I put it up and fold it every day. I will never sell it on and I'll, later on, use it for a stuffed toys display.