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5 reasons why slings are better


1 – Bonding time with baby.

For 9 months baby has heard the heartbeat of their mother so once baby has been born why should this change. Carrying baby in a sling allows baby to hear the soothing sound that they have become accustom to. It also allows other family members to create that special bond, Fathers don’t have the same head start as Mums which happens during gestation period; however, baby will be familiar with his voice. Fathers carrying their new-borns in a sling allows baby to become accustom to Dads facial expressions, warmth and soothing voice. Baby is also position high up on the chest close enough to kiss which is always a nice thing.


2 – Its convenient.

For those of us who already have children we all know how we wished we hand more free hands. Carrying baby using a sling makes all them everyday tasks so much easier from carrying the shopping to just walking around the house doing daily chores without worrying if baby is safe.

If you choose to breast feed your baby slings also act as a perfect privacy blanket should you wish to be more discrete, not only that they block out excess stimuli for a distractible baby.  


3 – Safe

Baby slings are safe as long as you use them correctly and always check with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Never cover babies faces. The soft material can be wrapped around tightly ensuring baby does not fall and offers enough support for babies back and neck. They are also always close you all you have to do is glance down to ensure baby is happy.

Not only do slings offer physical safety but also emotional safety. The part of our brain that deals with emotion is near the nose, so when we smell that signature scent it goes straight to that place and makes us feel safe so the warmth and scent from body to body contact helps baby to be soothed and feel safe.


4 – Promotes healthy Development

The constant motion of carrying is not only soothing to a baby but also promotes balance and inner-ear development. In order to best support baby's development the hip joint should be flexed as often as possible and not stretched from the outside so carry your baby rather than push her in a stroller in front of you is definitely better for baby's development.


5 – Happier babies

A study carried out by Hunziker UA and Barr RG has shown that by increasing the amount of carrying in the first 3 months, babies cried 43% less than those who weren’t. This means the more you carry the happy your baby is.