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Our story

Matthias Amazonas Hammocks"In 1992 I spent three months between Ecuador and Peru in the Huaorani Indians area. Of course I slept in the rainforest in the hammock. All the Indiobabies I met slept in hammocks as well. Alone, or with the parents. During the day they were carried around in a simple sling, always and everywhere. Rarely did I hear a baby crying or of one that had difficulty falling asleep.

All these positive experiences have influenced me and I could not let go of the theme of hammocks.

A few years later, I was fortunate to become a father myself. It was my heartfelt desire to provide my daughter with a secure environment. I remembered what I had learned from the Indians back then - babies lie and sleep in hammocks.

So I developed the first product for my own baby - a baby hammock.

Since it was also important to give my daughter as much physical closeness as possible, I created a baby sling. So whenever I wanted to, I could carry her close to me and give her a feeling of security. Just like in the womb.

Since then, we have learned a lot from the input of midwives, caregivers and pediatricians. We have steadily improved our carrying systems, feather-weight and baby-hammocks and developed several slings and baby carriers with the same standards of health, naturalness and safety.

We have helped many parents find ways to closing more natural ways of bonding with their babies. I'm really happy about that."  Matthias, Amazonas Founder.

Amazon Baby World was born.