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Our Baby Hammocks go Royal!

Harry and Meghan gave birth to Archie on the 6th May 2019 and suddenly he was outside of the comfort of his mother's tummy and into the wide-open world around us.

The court publisher, St. James's House, has chosen us to give little Archie some fantastic gifts from our range of Baby Hammocks. After all, he is a special baby. In case you didn't know, St. James's House is also the publisher of the coffee table book, written about the marriage of Meghan and Harry, and many other books from the royal family.

In September, we will be attending the book launch at the Ritz in London for a tea party and to hand over our hammock gifts. The book, created by St. James's House, will look at Harry and Meghan's individual interests, their role as a royal couple and now as parents! There will also be a double page featuring information about us.

"It is a huge honour to know that our Baby Hammocks have been selected to be included in 'Our Royal Baby'. The opportunity for Amazonas to be represented to the Royal couple for baby Archie is a real privilege." 

So, why did St. James's House choose us for this amazing opportunity?

"Amazonas' commitment to sustainable resourcing runs parallel to the couple's own interests and one can assume that their purchases for their forthcoming child will be with earth-friendly products like yours ... we really like your products. They are eco-friendly, practical and hip - very much on fire with Harry and Meghan."

If you would like to purchase the Royal book click here.